Lake Compounce Coupons 2012

Save money at Bristol’s most fun attraction by using Lake Compounce coupons in 2012. Lake Compounce, located at 822 Lake Avenue in Bristol, Connecticut offers admission coupons, ticket sales and special events throughout the year. In 2012, the park opens with an Education Day on May 11, 2012. The Park is open to the public on weekends beginning on Saturday, May 12, 2011.

Lake Compounce Printable Coupon

“Like” the official Lake Compounce Facebook page to get an automatic $4 off coupon that you can print. Valid for July 2012!

Pepsi Lake Compounce Coupon & Coupon Code

Found another Lake Compounce coupon at CVS today, this one sponsored by Pepsi. Get $20 off Regular Admission for up to for people. This means it is $5 off per person in May, June and September. Use the same coupon and get $3 off in July and August. You can also use this bar code online as a promo code when buying tickets: 301295100

A deal a day great things to do, eat, see, & buy in your area. Shop today!

Lake Compounce Dunkin Donuts Coupon

Visit your local Dunkin Donuts (or use the promo code) to save $3 off your next Lake Compounce Ticket. The Lake Compounce coupon from Dunkin Donuts can be used 4x, so you’ll save $12 in total when you buy four tickets, a total of $12 savings! If you buy Lake Compounce tickets online, enter the bar code number as a promo code. The coupon can’t be combined with other deals and is valid from May 12, 2012 to September 9, 2012.


lake compounce coupon 2012

Lake Compounce Promo Code

Looking for the Lake Compounce Promo Code for Summer 2012?

Lake Compounce 2012 Schedule

Here is the full 2012 Lake Compounce Calendar. Note that the Lake Compounce Graveyard begins on October 5th and runs each weekend.

Lake Compounce Admission Prices

Regular park admission for adults is $36.99, junior admission (under 52″) is $26.99, seniors get an admission discount and pay $18.99. Children under three are free and if you visit the park after 5:00p.m. you’ll save money and just pay $18.99. These prices don’t include tax and parking costs $8.00.

Lake Compounce Coupons 2012

Throughout the year Lake Compounce offers special coupons, discounts and promotions. The best way to find out about the latest offers is to register for the Lake Lover Newsletter. Subscribers will get printable Lake Compounce coupons and special offers on discounted season passes.

If you plan on visiting the park multiple times in 2012, consider buying a season pass for $69.99.

Bring-A-Buddy Free and Discount Days

Season pass holders can bring a friend for free on June 28th, July 2nd and September 3rd. This FREE Lake Compounce ticket can be claimed at any ticket booth or at Guest Relations.

Discount Bring A Buddy days will be held in May, June and September; and  friend will get $8 off regular adult admission. During the month of July, friends will get $6 off and $5 off in July.

Lake Compounce Coupons 2012: Parking Pass

  • In 2012, the Season Unlimited Parking Pass costs just $33.00. The passes can be used an any regular day and the pass holder must be in the car.

More Ways to Find Lake Compounce Coupons

Nearby lodging facilities, like hotels and campgrounds sometimes offer special Lake Compounce coupons (and Quassy coupons) to their guests.

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